Samurai Arms and Armor. Ming-Ju Sun

Samurai Arms and Armor
Author: Ming-Ju Sun
Page Count: 32 pages
Published Date: 27 Jun 2008
Publisher: Dover Publications Inc.
Publication Country: New York, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780486465579
File size: 39 Mb
Download Link: Samurai Arms and Armor

For nearly one thousand years, Japan's military nobility lived the code of "Bushido," the "way of the warrior." As the samurai's power grew and evolved, so did their arms and armor. With this thrilling coloring collection, you can explore 30 dramatic portrayals of legendary soldiers fighting on horseback, in hand-to-hand combat, and at sea. Each scene highlights samurai weaponry and body covering: "naginata "and "su-yari" spears, ferocious face masks, wall-guns, "koshozan" and "kuwagata" helmets, breastplates of metal and leather, heavy shoes of bear fur called "kutsu," and much more. Informative captions accompany each powerful illustration.

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